Eyes Wide Open

Pastel hued world of greys and white, color bleached from
verdant fields and azure sky by grim grayscaling gremlins
disgruntled by the travesties that flock to
meet discordant gaze, over-saturating thoughts with
lipids of decadent decay disaster and dissembling dour demise
a mental super cascade fluctuation of
frazzled after-images and old photographs seared
by fire into sepia silver aftertones

Portals of chaotic blue adulterated by iris closed
opening into the smile empty soul that lies within grasp
existing but not alive, awake but unable to dream
locked inside lithium and tricyclic serotonin reuptake inhibitors
chains of multi-stranded macromolecules
unbreakable cell window bars through which
perception cannot squeeze, straitjacket reducing the sprite vitae
into a lifeless shell of flesh rotting from within

Darting frenetic side to side, thrashing precisely
with high axon enervation to low muscle fiber ratio
throwing all the force of will against the socket
in irrationality long since perfected by upright anthropoids
deceiving selves and others like
gritting teeth and looking into the distance with
a thousand mile stare 

Gatling gun emotions pierce the shock-induced malaise
with bullet bursts of sunshine mechanically delivered
via Zoloft Paxil capsules and Prozac Seronil IVs
to brighten white and tarnish black to sepia gray
till there is no more fairyland, no more tragic nightmare void
just a ruined, burned out landscape to be watched
a wondered desolation.