TwilightInspired by fireflies

Thoughts flying, fleeing the end and new beginnings,
 words losing the sparkle & vibrance in mind
when exposed full-formed to the arid smoggy air
Sunlit reagents lacerate with sickle-barbed ozone waspishness
a thousand points of needled light prickling at the flesh 

Fluctuation, vacillation, wavering of space and time, real
and virtual liminality walking, seeking the horizons
of a world where paradise is not yet lost
and at nighttime, children smile, enthralled by a
weaving dance of fireflies 

Pencil-lined grapheme sheets -- the medium of an uncertain age,
post-modern but pre-what? Singularity comes to mind,
in urban sprawls run by technocrats, plutocrats, bureaucrats
pushing papers round and round via blank manila envelopes
marked 'return-to-sender' always by a disgruntled population
 that didn't get the memo 

Wheels and spokes just keep on turning, inertia-bound motorcar
running on vapid fumes of dull conversations
senseless blubbering providing a limitless source of hot air
and cold-heart condensers on glacial arctic expressions
dewdrops of perspiration drip-drip-dripping, falling to floor
with the tinkle of a crystal ball shattering 

Foggy winters, misty ocean morns half-confused with memories of past
purple-orange mottled sunrise coming over craggy weathered peaks
the desert breeze just grazing, lifting the tepid dust upon the ground
howling in impotent rage as if to announce its existence
on yet another dusky Arabian Night.