Lotus Meditation

Inspiration. Exhalation. Once twice, repeated focus
and heightened concentration, altered state of consciousness
shrugging off the shed skin of exterior reality
venturing forth into the psychic underworld and drinking
of the river Lethe, so that Mnemosyne for a time shall sleep
and unencumbered by emotion’s ripples
one may float through the infinite world within

In state of wonder, resonating with the pattern of the universe
opening oneself to the primal energies of the fabric of the cosmos
watching the whole of new Creation play out and evolve
in the scope of mind’s eye

Thoughts hop ribbit-ribbit from lily pad to lily pad
in leaps and bounds connecting the most unlikely pairs of perceived
quantifiables to create a new landscape of the ego body
a new garden of the soul, a placid crater lake
where long ago catastrophe sundered self from other
being born into existence through a sort of hedgehog’s dilemma

Childhood memories well preserved, bobbing in the well of souls
unbound by the social structure of moving pictures
the inner seer espies as fragments of the life without
where stability and chaos are so often hand in hand
as travelers who enter abandon hope and expectations
for what has come, or is, or is to be the subject of self-determined musings

Eloquence in the lucid dreamspace, salient infinity instills a sense of peace
immersion into a truth more whole that life itself,
of creation, exploration, sailing free into the winds of time
with open eyes taking in the world without, within, around
beyond the modern sphere, as one returns at last
to waking