Last light of blue hour cast a pinkish tinge to shadows
twilight sets in, the nighttime sky spirited away
to a place where it too can slumber
sometimes for mere minutes, sometimes for the span
of a 24-hour rotation of the watery sphere of earth
as in the Summerland of midnight sun

Slowly, drowsy filaments of light arise from sleep to play
shading in the heavens with soft water-based pastels
blending colors one into another with the tenderness of
lovers, sweetly caressing the canvas of the aether
with gentle hands just grazing, touching, tracing the curves
of the horizon with an innocence made fresh each day

Red bursts with full saturation into the palette of the firmament
passion blooming in dancing motes of light
the morning overtaken by shivers of surprised delight
as lips brush one another in a sweetly stolen kiss
bespeaking comfortable intimacies and awkward silences
shy adoration running deep, reflected in the brightness
of the golden sphere of joyful musings
rolling on through the airy open playground of the zephyrs
inspiring those who see it to bright and shining smiles 

Effervescent evanescence, fleeting time of in-betweens
all too quick evaporate away, with heartfelt sighs as twilight fades
and romantic atmosphere disappears, replaced by the
harsh crystalline clarity of midday, when scorching sunbeams
burn away the shadows where the fairyfolk are most at home
flittering away until the dusk, when fireflies emerge
to set the mood for sunset walks and limmerent moments
as silhouettes share knowing gazes, and the lingering twine of fingers
holding hands in a moment almost
outside of time