Lights sizzle, shimmer, twirl and flare,
quick-stepping ‘cross the dance-floor of the heavens
a twinkle of remembrance as quickly faded
as discordant confluence of earth and sky aurae
mingle in a formal masquerade

Foxfire and birds of spirit dance in primal ritual matings
ephemeral exposition of reality’s fantastic splendors
set to music of the spheres and mirroring quantum harmonies
Macrocosm reflects microcosm in nightlong starry revels
as dance macabre shifts in syncopated three-quarters time
to a daring waltz of Valkyrior

Flickering sprite-born images, the imaginings of fey
rise like veils to obscure the stars beyond
bursting with the thousand natural shocks
those not of flesh are heir to in their time

Broken wings alight once more on a voyage into nothingness
bursting from the earthly shell to soar into unbounded sky
trailing will-o'-wisps that never were from horizon
to the garden of the human soul
where hallways lined with cherry blossoms
twinkle with the hitodama of thoughts long passed away

Gossamer threads of a tapestry woven by illusion
tug at lips and hearts and minds, prompting
gentle smiles and the twining of fingers,
knowing looks and faintly shy blushes
World of emotion so like the aura storm of world above
dancing and flitting and twirling away the hours
till night tires and the shadows furtively steal flee from the
Soft cooing of nightingales at dawn